Insurance: Inside or outside super?

Most people insure their personal assets, such as their house, contents and car, but when it comes to personal insurance, many overlook the importance of protecting their wealth because personal insurance is often seen as unnecessary, a luxury and an additional cost to pay for.

2022-09-08T11:13:43+10:008 September, 2022|

Super funds post lowest returns since GFC

So, what are your options if your superannuation balance has suffered a decline?

2022-09-07T17:44:11+10:007 September, 2022|

More super for lower-income workers on the way

Did you know that lower-income earning individuals who earn less than $450 per month are currently not eligible for superannuation guarantee (SG) contributions from their employer? The $450 per month threshold also applies if an employee has more than one part-time or casual job and they earn more than $450 per month from all jobs combined. It simply comes down to the amount earned per job which can disadvantage many younger or lower-income workers.

2022-04-11T16:40:05+10:0011 April, 2022|
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