ATO signals end of paper Activity Statements & Instalment Notices

As part of the ATO’s digital improvement program, they have made the decision to stop issuing paper Quarterly PAYG & GST Instalment Notices from September 2020 and Activity Statements from November 2020, instead opting for digital delivery. Their preferred method of delivery is to MyGov accounts.

The ATO has been made aware of issues this has created for both Tax Agents & Taxpayers.  The main issue being taxpayers who do not have a MyGov account or have the notifications in their MyGov turned off, are not receiving these notifications that their Activity Statements & Instalment Notices are being issued. There have also been cases where taxpayers have not received the ATO notifications to their MyGov.

If your registered delivery preference with the ATO is paper, you will continue to receive paper instalment notices. The change from paper to electronic delivery will only take effect for those who have previously lodged electronically.

For Individuals and Sole Traders that have linked their MyGov account to the ATO, paper activity statements will no longer be issued. They will be required to access further activity statements and instalment notices via their MyGov, a notification will be received via their MyGov inbox.

The ATO can send Taxpayers who are self-lodgers an email reminder 21 days before their activity statement due date. Self-lodgers should have received an email reminder regarding December 2020 PAYG and GST instalment notices due for payment by 2 March 2021.

These new changes also mean that Tax Agents will no longer receive notifications for their clients. If you feel your email address may need to be updated with the ATO so you can receive future notifications, please contact us for assistance.

The ATO has acknowledged many Taxpayers will be impacted by this change and intend to work with Tax Agents and Taxpayers to take individual circumstances into account.