Business owners are often not sure when or how often they should engage with their accountant.

Trying to save on resources and attempting to tackle your own accounting, can lead to an expensive decision in the long run.

Update your calendar with financial due dates to ensure you keep in touch with your accountant at the right times. We have a list of key dates on our website and you can also follow the MBA Facebook page for key dates and reminders.

Clients should engage with their accountant at least quarterly, even if it is just a phone call.  By checking in with your accountant, you can plan for any changes in your obligations. If you are having trouble paying debts, your accountant is best positioned to help you work through the process.

A regular conversation with your accountant ensures your business responsibilities are managed no matter what the circumstance. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give your account manager at MBA a call.

Article by Macquarie Business Accountants.