If you have ever changed accountant’s before, chances are it wasn’t an easy or comfortable process. Well, that’s not the case at MBA. We take carriage of the process for you and make it as seamless as possible.

In fact, we have a 3-STEP process that will get you onboard here at MBA quickly and easily. We call it the “Choose-Decide-Provide” process. If things aren’t the way you think they should be, this process gives you an easy way to change them.

1. Choose – Don’t go anywhere, go where you are suited

Hopefully that will be here at MBA. Ultimately though, your relationship with your accounting firm and its people needs to fulfil your needs and suit your requirements. If you’re unsure, do some research – check out their website, find out about their services, take the time for an interview or two, see who else they have as clients, ask around. At MBA, there’s no secret to our Client Market – we are proactive, resourceful and modern advisors who specialise in Business Services and Superannuation.

2. Decide – Make the decision to change

As the famous motivational coach Tony Robbins says “Knowing is not enough, you must take action”. Sounds simple enough but taking action is often the hardest step. Don’t let procrastination keep you unhappy or in a situation that isn’t working for you.

3. Provide – Complete the simple Onboarding Process

This is often where the process seems hard but at MBA it’s the easiest part – a simple online form designed to get the key information from you. MBA does the rest.

Once the above 3 steps are actioned, the change is complete – it’s as easy as that.

From there it’s up to BOTH you and your Accounting firm to develop and grow your working relationship. If done well, you won’t be needing that 3-Step process again.