Even though the next State Election isn’t until early next year, the battle lines are being drawn and it’s important that our Politicians are made to focus on the important issues that affect NSW.

One of the biggest disadvantages faced in NSW compared to other States is the levels of Payroll tax and how those levels smother job creation and expansion.

Now is the time to state pressuring our Politicians to fix this inequitable tax. The NSW Business Chamber is currently conducting a campaign to have the tax threshold lift to at least $1 million. They estimate such a move would:

  1. Reduce costs for 20,000 Businesses including 7,000 regional Businesses
  2. Save $40 million in tax administration costs
  3. Push 85% of these savings into job creation and expansion for the people of NSW

Such statistics are hard to ignore with advantages flowing to both employers and employees across all of NSW.

The NSW Business Chamber have provided a pro-forma letter for you to send to your state MP – calling on them to support lifting the payroll tax threshold to $1 million along with a listing of all State MP contacts;

  • To download the pro-forma letter please click here.
  • To download a list with state MP contacts please click here.


For more information, follow the Chamber’s campaign here.