When you have a mountain of work or your “to-do” list seems longer than your arm, it can be hard to get started. It’s so much easier to procrastinate – even if it destroys your productivity.

The team at Business Insider have searched their archives and compiled a list of their best tips for getting more done each day. So if you’re finding yourself swamped or overwhelmed, here’s 10 of the best ways to improve your productivity and get things done:

Eliminate interruptions. Set aside a few hours each day to work uninterrupted. That means no calls, no emails, and no chatting. You’ll get a lot more done once you let yourself become fully invested in a project without splitting your attention elsewhere. Read more about it here.

Prioritise one thing each day. Tim Ferriss, author of “The Four-Hour Workweek,” fights procrastination by making clear goals every morning. He suggests writing out the tasks that are causing you the most stress and asking, “If this were the only thing I accomplished today, would I be satisfied with my day?” to decide what should be your number one priority. Read more about it here.

Remove distractions. Clear off your desk and close out Facebook and Twitter before starting your work. Eliminating potential distractions will help you get in the right mindset to concentrate. Read more about it here.

Break down large projects. Huge tasks can be overwhelming, causing you to keep putting them off. Instead, try breaking down big projects into smaller bits and tackling one thing at a time. Read more about it here.

Find your peak time of day. Figure out which point in the day you’re most productive, and keep it distraction-free. Finding these “productivity pockets” will help you maximise your time. Read more about it here.

Only check your email once an hour. Instead of jumping on every new email the minute it comes in, give yourself specific times to check your inbox. You’ll be able to concentrate on other projects without interruption every time a new message comes in. Read more about it here.

Keep yourself accountable. Setting deadlines for yourself is great, but telling another person will keep you accountable for meeting those deadlines. Read more about it here.

Try the “under 10-minutes rule.” If a task can be completed in 10 minutes or less, take care of it right away and move on. You’ll stop pushing off small tasks. Read more about it here.

Get enough sleep. You’re more likely to give in to distractions and waste valuable time if you’re feeling fatigued. You’ll have much more focus if you’re well-rested. Read more about it here.

Be nice. If you’re too hard on yourself, you’ll push yourself deeper into procrastination. Stop beating yourself up about putting things off and just start. Read more about it here.

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